The Box of Delights Team

Hilary Drummond

Daniëlle Grimbergen

Desdemona Shaw

Events & Social Media Manager

Aidan Karcha

Booksellers Emeritus

Hilary Sircom

Founder, 1972-1991

Mitzi DeWolfe

Owner, 1991-2019

Our History

Founded in 1976 by Hilary Sircom, the Box of Delights is named after a beloved British children’s novel by John Masefield. In 1991 it was purchased by Mitzi DeWolfe; in 2014 she invited former employee Hilary Drummond to manage the shop and make some changes that will help the shop remain stable and ensure that the tradition of community-based bookselling continues in Wolfville for the next forty years.

We specialize in general fiction, children’s books, and Atlantic Canadian interest, as well as a broad selection of other genres: poetry, history, biography, sports and fitness, gardening, art, environment, classics, and science, among others.

We are pleased to enjoy long-standing professional relationships with a variety of local cultural institutions, including the Wolfville Public Library, the Al Whittle Theatre, the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, the Deep Roots Music Cooperative, Gaspereau Press, the Grapevine, Acadia University, and many others. We also sell tickets for local events.

Over the next few months the bookshop will be undergoing some significant renovations and upgrades, so please drop in regularly. If you have any questions or suggestions, call, send an email or message us via our Facebook page.