Doris Lessing’s library: a life in 4,000 books

“Georges Perec proposed that ‘every book collection corresponds to two needs that are also often obsessions: the need to hang on to things (books) and the need to keep them in some order’. But [Doris] Lessing’s library seemed untouched by what Walter Benjamin called ‘the mild boredom of order’.” Sweet article in the Guardian by our friend Nick Holdstock who visited Wolfville last year to promote his novel “The Casualties.” A great read for all those who like to ponder the organization of books, and how libraries can reflect the personalities of their masters.

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Tale As Old As Time: The Dark Appeal of 'Beauty And The Beast'

“Folkore is the bedrock of storytelling. These tales act as cultural timestamps, as geographic markers, as artifacts, and as living stories that show us something of ourselves.”

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We will be screening The Crucible this Monday, March 27th at 7pm as part of the Not Dead Yet Collective. Winona Ryder, Daniel Day-Lewis and a brilliant script to work with… you don’t want to miss this!

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A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna

Award winning filmmaker, best-selling author and unique interviewer… we now have two copies of Miranda July’s latest book “The First Bad Man” in stock! For a taste of her unique writing style, here is her heavily discussed interview with Rhianna.

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Lack of Oxford Comma Costs Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute

Business owner? Thought hiring an editor to go over your employee contracts (social media posts, marketing materials, press releases, codes of conduct, or any document that uses WORDS and PUNCTUATION) would be a waste of money? Think again. Thanks to Laura MacDonald of Deep Hollow Print for sending this one our way.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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The New York Times

Amy Krouse Rosenthal (author of 26 beloved children’s books), who wrote this heartbreaking essay about preparing for her death from cancer, has died.

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75 Covers of The Master and Margarita, Ranked, With Comment

“… in which the Devil comes to town accompanied by a big, black talking cat (among others). As shadows lengthen now in the corridors of American power, many are looking to the past… ‘The Master and Margarita’ is one such lesson that seems as relevant as it ever has.”

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Richard Wagamese, author of Indian Horse, has died

Very sad news tonight of Richard Wagamese’s death. We were fortunate enough to see Mr. Wagamese speak at Acadia University last year. His talk was profoundly moving. He was a deep believer in the power of literature as a driver of social change, and a strong proponent of public libraries. He will be missed.

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In Swem Library, students don’t just read books; they create them

“The reason we have and collect these types of books is to promote books as physical objects. In this age of digital information, it is all the more important for today’s students to realize that books are more than the information they contain; that their binding, paper, illustrations, and other physical attributes all tell a story.”

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Sarah-Jane Conklin is here until 12 to speak about her book and show us some of her beautiful paintings. Stop by!

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Click here to support Fund a Feminist Bookstore by Max Janes

Hey, want to do something meaningful on Women’s Day? Consider supporting Max and Tessa Janes in their endeavour to open an intersectional feminist bookshop/sexual health support centre in Wolfville this spring. If you don’t want to donate money, maybe you might be able to offer them other kinds of resources (time, materials, expertise, etc). Access to different kinds of books in different locations promotes a diverse and engaged reading public, so best of luck to Max and Tessa from all of us here at the Box of Delights! Looking forward to our future literary event collaborations! ❤ #strongertogether #loveislove #doitinwolfville

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Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

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“Writing Is an Act of Pride”: A Conversation with Elena Ferrante

“However I state it, the fact remains that I have assumed the right to imprison others in what I seem to see, feel, think, imagine, and know. Is it a task? A mission? A vocation? Who called on me, who assigned me that task and that mission? A god? A people? A social class? A party? The culture industry? The lowly, the disinherited, the lost causes? The entire human race? The elusive subject that is women? My mother, my female friends? No—by now it’s blindingly obvious that I alone authorized myself.”

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A lighter tone in Eden Robinson’s new novel parallels a positive uptick in the author’s life | Quill and Quire

“Her new novel, Son of a Trickster (Knopf Canada), the first book in a trilogy, will be familiar to readers in its melding of contemporary pop culture with the author’s Haisla heritage and Pacific northwestern indigenous cosmology, but this book is in many ways a tonal departure for Robinson. While her earlier books are infused with a gritty humour, Son of a Trickster reveals a lighter side that parallels changes in Robinson’s personal life.”

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Feel-good story of the day: A garbage collector in Bogota turns discarded books into a library for disadvantaged kids. Holy warm fuzzies, Batman! <3<3<3 Thanks to author Nicholas Morine for sending this our way!

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