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Getting ready for Authors for Indies this Saturday!

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United State of Cinema

Excited to be screening 1984 this upcoming Monday in solidarity with the international protest that took place earlier this month. Hope to see you all there!

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Authors for Indies Bookstore Bingo | Penguin Random House Canada

Just in! Authors for Indies bookstore bingo! The contest offers participants the chance to win $1000 worth of Penguin Random House Canada books from their local retailer on April 29th. Using the hashtag #AFI2017 will ensure your post is visible to anyone searching for information on Authors for Indies 2017 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Excited to see you all at the shop on the 29th!

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Codex Conquest

ATTENTION BOOK HISTORY NERDS… this one is for you. #codexconquest

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Which Roald Dahl character are you? | OxfordWords blog

Silly quiz time! I got Miss Honey… nice. 🙂

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Chart Every Country's Favorite Book on This Map


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Happy Easter everyone!

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The door is open and the table is out. A beautiful day for some Easter shopping!

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Maggie Nelson’s Many Selves

“It’s Nelson’s articulation of her many selves—the poet who writes prose; the memoirist who considers the truth specious; the essayist whose books amount to a kind of fairy tale, in which the protagonist goes from darkness to light, and then falls in love with a singular knight—that makes her readers feel hopeful. Her universe is “queer,” fluid, as is Harry’s (tattooed on the fingers of his left and right hands, respectively, are the words “flow” and “form”), but this sense of flux has little to do with the kind of sentimental hippiedom that emerged, say, in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of Maggie and Harry’s home town in the sixties. Nelson is just as critical of the politics of inclusion as of exclusion. What you find in her writing, rather, is a certain ruefulness—an understanding that life is a crapshoot that’s been rigged, but to whose advantage?”

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April is Poetry Month! Help us celebrate by leaving some of your favorite verses on the window or creating some of your own!

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Deirdre Dwyer's new poetry book inspired by Blomidon's natural beauty

Poetry Month has begun!

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The Public Domain Review

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Doris Lessing’s library: a life in 4,000 books

“Georges Perec proposed that ‘every book collection corresponds to two needs that are also often obsessions: the need to hang on to things (books) and the need to keep them in some order’. But [Doris] Lessing’s library seemed untouched by what Walter Benjamin called ‘the mild boredom of order’.” Sweet article in the Guardian by our friend Nick Holdstock who visited Wolfville last year to promote his novel “The Casualties.” A great read for all those who like to ponder the organization of books, and how libraries can reflect the personalities of their masters.

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Tale As Old As Time: The Dark Appeal of 'Beauty And The Beast'

“Folkore is the bedrock of storytelling. These tales act as cultural timestamps, as geographic markers, as artifacts, and as living stories that show us something of ourselves.”

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We will be screening The Crucible this Monday, March 27th at 7pm as part of the Not Dead Yet Collective. Winona Ryder, Daniel Day-Lewis and a brilliant script to work with… you don’t want to miss this!

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A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna

Award winning filmmaker, best-selling author and unique interviewer… we now have two copies of Miranda July’s latest book “The First Bad Man” in stock! For a taste of her unique writing style, here is her heavily discussed interview with Rhianna.

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Lack of Oxford Comma Costs Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute

Business owner? Thought hiring an editor to go over your employee contracts (social media posts, marketing materials, press releases, codes of conduct, or any document that uses WORDS and PUNCTUATION) would be a waste of money? Think again. Thanks to Laura MacDonald of Deep Hollow Print for sending this one our way.

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