The Bookshop Turns 40

Nailed it.

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The bookshop quietly turns 40 years old today, having been officially incorporated on October 22, 1976. First out of the gate with their sweet birthday wishes is Wolfville’s favourite literary couple Christy Ann Conlin, Author (“Heave,”; “The Memento”) and Conundrum Press – Canada head book guy Andy Brown who turned up with this beautiful bouquet. Christy Ann: “I said to the guy, I need something that Virginia Woolf might have had on her writing desk.” Note that both CA and Andy wore their best literary garb. You guys… we love you! Thanks for your support over the years. In other news Mitzi and I just ordered a cake, come on down and grab your piece while it lasts. This is a birthday for everyone to celebrate. <3 <3 <3

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Ron Deibert, founder and director of Citizen Lab, will be Acadia's 2016 H. T. Reid Lecturer.

Tonight at 6:30pm, don’t miss your chance to hear Citizen Lab founder Ron Deibert deliver “War in the World Brain,” the 2016 H. T. Reid Lecture at Acadia University’s Festival Theatre. Deibert’s book “Black Code: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Dark Side of the Internet” was made into a documentary film which premiered to great acclaim at TIFF this year. This event is FREE and members of the public are encouraged to attend; no reservations necessary. See you there!

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#TrumpBookReport: great literature reimagined as a tweet from the Donald

“Gatsby? He says he was great. I don’t know. People are saying maybe not so great. I’ll make Gatsby great again.”

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Tonight at 7pm join us at the bookshop for the latest round of Everyday Citizenship, a public lecture series hosted by Acadia University’s Social & Political Thought Program. Tonight we’ll hear from Maggie Neilson, academic librarian and co-chair of One Book Nova Scotia, who will give a short talk entitled “Literacy and Connection: Nova Scotia and Community Reading Initiatives.” Discussion to follow. If you can’t make it, please share the news with someone you think might be interested! Annapolis Valley Regional Library One Book Nova Scotia Acadia University Library

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We are live on Facebook! Check out Peter Davison’s page to watch the event streaming live from Wolfville. #doitinwolfville #readlocal

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Gift of The Hit: Collected Stories Book Official Promo

What if getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s was the best thing that ever happened to you? Embracing adversity is at the heart of Peter Davison’s book “The Gift of the Hit” and we are thrilled to be hosting Peter tonight for a celebratory reading at the shop at 7pm. Please come join us and be inspired by his story, and all the book’s contributors. All welcome!

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Donna Morrissey discusses new book The Fortunate Brother

Donna Morrissey’s novel “The Deception of Livvy Higgs” has been announced as the 2016 One Book Nova Scotia title! Join Donna at the Annapolis Valley Regional Library Wolfville Branch tonight at 7pm, where we will also have copies of Donna’s new book “The Fortunate Brother” (Penguin Random House, 2016) available for sale. See you there!

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Review: Elizabeth Hay’s new novel, His Whole Life, is a moving reflection on an unbreakable mother-son bond

Elizabeth Hay will be at Acadia (BAC room 132) at 7pm tonight, be sure to join us!

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In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue

Following the release of Nate Silver’s shocking (but is it?) gendered electoral map on FiveThirtyEight and the subsequent appearance of #repealthe19th (which is chilling even if it’s not gaining real political traction, as Snopes reports), I thought it was important to share this: an extraordinary book review by a writer for the New York Times which may or may not be about Hitler. See also The Guardian’s reaction to Kakutani’s review:

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Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel prize in literature – live updates and reaction

This happened. Thoughts?

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Camilla Gibb carves out her own kind of happy | Toronto Star

Don’t miss your chance to meet novelist Camilla Gibb tonight at 7pm as part of the Authors@Acadia reading series!

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Bibliophiles, mark your calendars for three exciting literary events with four talented authors happening this week around Wolfville! On October 12 Camilla Gibb will be at the KCIC auditorium at 7pm as part of the Authors@Acadia reading series. Simultaneously (Oct 12, 7pm) Jenny Ferguson (“Border Markers”) and Wendi Stewart (“Meadowlark”) will be here at the bookshop for a special double reading. And on Thursday Linda Moore (“Foul Deeds”; “Fundy Vault”) will be reading at the Merritt Gibson Library in Canning at 6:30pm. Check individual event pages for more info.

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“Know Thyself” by Matias Serra. Thanks to Courtney O’Hearn for sending this one our way!

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James Patterson calls off his fictional Murder of Stephen King

Author drama! Patterson vs. King, though it looks like Stephen is coming out on top. What were you thinking, James?

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We’re looking forward to hosting Rosi Robinson, author of “Creative Batik,” tonight from 7-8pm. Rosi will be demonstrating the art of batik, and will have materials available for anyone who wants to give it a try! No cost to attend, books will be available for sale for those who wish to buy one, but there is no purchase necessary to join in the fun. Come and learn about batik with us!

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