JUNE AT THE BOOKSHOP… is going to be a crazy busy month as we host the ECLA’s Evelyn Richardson Award for Non-Fiction on June 3, featuring Graham Steele (What I Learned About Politics), Kaleigh Trace (Hot, Wet, and Shaking), and Heather Sparling (Reeling Roosters & Dancing Ducks). We will also celebrate book launches with Jan L. Coates (The King of Keji), Carolyn Mallory (Painted Skies), Dean Jobb (Empire of Deception), Sarah Mian (When the Saints), and Charlotte R. Mendel (A Hero). Visit our Events page for more information, or scroll down to see what we’re up to today.

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“Prague-based photographer Jakub Pavlovsky has one motto: take the time to read — anywhere, anytime.” We couldn’t agree more.

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“We are united, he and I, though strangers, against the two women in front of us talking so steadily and audibly across the aisle to each other. Bad manners. Later in the journey I look over at him (across the aisle) and he is picking his nose. As for me, I am dripping tomato from my sandwich on to my newspaper. Bad habits. I would not report this if I were the one picking my nose.”

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“Mr. Kinney, who made more than $20 million last year, might have become a patron rather than a practitioner of the trade, like the novelist James Patterson, who donated more than a million dollars to 178 bookstores around the country last year (…) ‘What’s the thing that everybody loves and treasures the most?’ Mr. Kinney said. ‘It’s a bookstore.'” If you are (or know) a multi-millionaire who would like to sponsor a spirited little bookshop in Wolfville into perpetuity, please get in touch! But seriously! Call me! :)

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“In January of 1998, I illustrated a Washington Post book review of Toni Morrison’s ‘Paradise’. Her writing resonated with me as a visual artist. As she said in an interview, ‘The author’s job is to make spaces for the reader to enter.’ And through the image I made, in response to her words, I came to see that as one of my goals in making art.”

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Coming up soon at the bookshop… June is going to be a very busy month! Hope to see you at some of these great events.

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In April Kate had a fun and brilliant idea to spread awareness of National Poetry Month. First she filled a window with books of (and about) poetry. Then she printed some of her favourite lines on slips on paper and stuck them on the outside of the window. She got a clipboard, a bunch of markers, and a roll of tape, and propped them up on the barrel with a note that read “It’s National Poetry Month! Please feel free to celebrate with us by sharing your favourite poetic lines.” We left that clipboard outside for more than two weeks, day and night, and it wasn’t too long before our window began to bloom. Even if people decided not to write a line, the window got an enormous amount of attention from passers-by. Not a single offensive line was written, no one stole the clipboard, no one ripped down the slips of paper that flapped in the wind. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making National Poetry Month 2015 a smashing success. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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“Lighght” is something you see rather than read. Look at “lighght” as a poem and you might not get it. Look at it as a kind of photograph, and you’ll be closer. “The difference between ‘lighght’ and another type of poem with more words is that it doesn’t have a reading process… Even a five-word poem has a beginning, middle, and end. A one-word poem doesn’t. You can see it all at once. It’s instant.” What do you think? A poem or a photograph? Both? Or neither?

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When we put a guide to Beekeeping in the window display, we didn’t mean it as an invitation for this little guy to bumble in… Big thanks to James Skinner for rescuing our confused visitor today! The Box of Delights, putting the ‘Bee’ in ‘Books’. Please feel free to bee creative with your puns in the comments beelow.

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Pair with Kate Beaton’s many hilarious interpretations of the Bronte family, including this: http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=202

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One of the most pleasant and exciting things about dealing in second-hand books is knowing that they come with a history of previous ownership. This album illustrates the personal histories of our favourite pre-loved books. They’re waiting in the bookshop for new owners to come and take them home – could it be you?

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“Half a century after Ruth Krauss wrote, and Maurice Sendak illustrated, one of the loveliest lines in the history of children’s books — ‘Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen.’ — poet JonArno Lawson and illustrator Sydney Smith team up on a magnificent modern manifesto for the everyday art of noticing in a culture that rips the soul asunder with the dual demands of distraction and efficiency.” Signed copies available in shop.

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We are thrilled to be working with another local print artist, Paradise Papercraft! Forget Hallmark – these cards tell it like it is. Ten designs currently in stock at the bookshop; more at paradisepapercraft.ca.

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“The importance of developing a passion for the written word can not be overstated — children who love to read have the greatest tool to reach their highest potential,” says Burton, in a statement. “Our determination to encourage the love of reading and learning in every child, everywhere is more steadfast now than ever before.”

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Coincidence? We think not.

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Looking for a way to tap your inner creative powers and become a more skilled writer? Join writer, author & yogi Harriet Alida Lye alongside yoga teacher, performer & writer Lacey Haynes for an urban retreat dedicated to the practices of yoga and writing. In this 2+ day retreat, you’ll be taken on a journey into yourself, ultimately helping you to write with more clarity and authenticity. You’ll be expertly guided through yoga and writing practices, sharing and reflecting on your own work and the work of others, in a space that supports curiosity and courageousness. Find out more at theyogaemporium.com.

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Watch Helen MacDonald discuss her fantastic memoir ‘H is for Hawk’, and her touching journey through death, love, and acceptance.

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“My mother’s gifts of courage to me were both large and small. The latter are woven so subtly into the fabric of my psyche that I can hardly distinguish where she stops and I begin.” (from Mom & Me & Mom, by Maya Angelou) To mothers everywhere – new and old, near and far, those of the blood and those of the heart, thank you for loving us unconditionally, without fail, through all our tantrums and difficulties, though we sometimes forget to call, and don’t always want to talk about it, and get mad sometimes when the advice you offer is exactly what we need to hear (and already know). Thank you for scooping us up when we fall over, for wiping the tears off our faces, for always, always being happy to hear from us, for cooking the best damn suppers in the world. Thank you for the birthday cakes, for gently embarrassing us in front of our new girlfriends/boyfriends, for being our fiercest defenders and strongest allies. Thank you for teaching us everything we know, even if it took ten, twenty,..

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“We asked our friends at Brazos Bookstore in Houston to recommend some warm, fuzzy titles about the love of one’s mother, on the occasion of this coming Sunday (for this reminder, you’re welcome). They sent the following list of intense, sometimes grim, novels of loss, anguish, and otherwise complicated maternal relationships. We hope everyone’s ok down there.”

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I wish they’d had something like this when I was growing up! If you know (or are) a girl between 10 and 15 who likes snacks, crafts, chatting to new friends and being super awesome, check out the monthly Girl Power! program at Annapolis Valley Regional Library branches in Berwick, Middleton, Kentville and Wolfville. Once you’re done, pop by the bookstore and nab one of the last two copies of “The Girl Mechanic Goes Outdoors”, an amazing how-to guide for 160 projects to make and do around the house and garden, including a spiffy A-frame dog house, a sleigh, lawn tents, a sailboat lamp with rudder control, kites, greenhouses, a bird bath, water skis, and a proper, old school treehouse. (Parental supervision probably required…)

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