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Bookseller Ben has been with us since just after Christmas, and now he and his partner Kaia are off to Montreal for school and work. It was Ben’s first time working in a bookshop (actually, it was Ben’s first job, period), and he surpassed all expectations of a first-time employee: quite apart from the day-to-day business of the bookshop, he also wrote lyrical bookshop-related articles for local arts and culture rag The Grapevine, founded a weekly open mic (Broken Mic), recommended obscure books from indie presses, travelled long distances to sell books at remote events, joined a Books Start Here panel discussion about the importance of regional publishing, created eye-catching displays, engaged our discerning customers in fascinating book-nerd conversations… and let’s not forget about cleaning up the basement. You were really good at that too. 🙂 We will miss you! Wolfville will miss you! And to all you fine booksellers in Montreal (I’m looking at you, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, The..

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Global publishing chiefs condemn closure of Turkish presses | The Bookseller

Disturbing news from the Turkish publishing industry this morning: “The PEN International Publishers Circle is deeply concerned at the news that 29 publishing houses have been ordered closed since the failed coup in Turkey on 15th July 2016. According to our colleagues at the Turkish Publishers Association, the closure of these publishing houses ‘carries the risk of human rights violations, the stifling of freedom of thought and expression and also irreparable financial and moral losses’. While recognising the right of the Turkish authorities to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the failed coup, PEN International Publishers Circle call on the Turkish authorities not to use the state of emergency to restrict lawful freedom of expression and to ensure that writers and publishers are able to freely carry out their activities.”

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A small taste of some of the participants that will be at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market tomorrow from 4-7pm for Book Arts at the Market! See our event for a full list of participants and more info 🙂

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Celebrate book arts at the market

Just two days until Book Arts at the Market! Join us Wednesday, August 10 from 4-7 pm at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market to learn more about how books are made, and how the community is involved. Participants such as Acadia University Library, Valley Youth Project, One Book Nova Scotia, Holly Carr, The Grapevine, and MANY more will be there! A full list of participants is available in the event posted below. https://www.facebook.com/events/593997017424859/

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Check the event listing for more details!

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Ami McKay

Ami McKay is one of many authors joining us this Wednesday at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market for the 2016 edition of Book Arts at the Market! Get a sneak peek at her forthcoming novel “Witches of New York” and have your fortune told at her witchy cauldron! You will also have the chance to meet authors Ed Riche, Lisa Moore, Dana Mills, Soren Bondrup-Nielsen, and many more. Check our Facebook event for more details and a full list of participants.

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Wolfville Farmers' Market

Get excited! Less than a week until Book Arts at the Market 2016!

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Kentville creating a heaven for book lovers in converted church

“Six of our eleven facilities are looking at having major renovations or a completely new build, or a move. It’s a really exciting time and I think it speaks to the kind of support the community in the Annapolis Valley has for library services.” Congratulations on your (literally awesome) new home, Kentville branch of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library!

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Hearty congratulations to Christy Ann Conlin and Andy Brown! Author (“The Memento”, “Heave”) and publisher (Conundrum Press – Canada), what a stunning literary match. We are so proud to be part of your extended bookish family. Sending you all best wishes from everyone here at the bookshop!

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Have you read Harry Potter? Then you might be less likely to support Donald Trump, study says.

“Even after controlling for variables such as party identification, gender, education level, age, evangelical self-identification and social-dominance orientation, the study found that the more Harry Potter books people read, the less inclined they were to support Trump’s candidacy.” Only FIVE DAYS LEFT to pre-order your discounted copy of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”! Call 902-542-9511 or email boxofdelightsbooks@gmail.com to reserve now. No purchase necessary to attend our Potter Party, details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/646932712132419/

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Happening now! Free event at the Just Us Centre for Small Farms! A collaboration with Gaspereau Press ¶ Printers & Publishers, the Just Us Centre for Small Farms, and the Box of Delights Bookshop. Through the writings of Wendell Berry we can celebrate rurality and the economics of localization. This event will capture the essence of what it means to be in a community – stop by from 1-4pm! See you there!

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Join us today from 1-3pm and meet author Alex W. MacLeod! Drop by after the Wolfville Farmers’ Market – we can’t wait!

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Attention authors! We are looking to fill the last two slots in our Summer Sidewalk Signing Series and would like to invite you to sign up. From 1-3pm on Saturday August 20 or 27 we will set you up at a table outside the bookshop; you will have the chance to chat with (and promote your work to) passers-by. Saturday afternoons after the Wolfville Farmers’ Market are busy times in downtown Wolfville, and we will help with cross-promotion and facilitate sales. If you (or anyone you know, Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia) is interested in participating, please email boxofdelightsbooks@gmail.com. And now, a reading of Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

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Review: The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl -

It’s a busy night for literature lovers in the Wolfville area! Tonight at the bookshop (7-8pm) intrepid bookseller Ben Bush Anderson invites you bold creative types to share poems, prose, and song at Broken Mic: Chapter One. Then at 9pm head to Ross creek Centre For The Arts to hear Sue Goyette give a fireside reading of her poetry (see attached review of her latest work). Summer nights, ocean air, bonfires, and poetry… how can you resist? More information about this event at http://www.artscentre.ca.

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Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All

Schwartz decided that if he kept mum and Trump was elected he’d never forgive himself. In June, he agreed to break his silence and give his first candid interview about the Trump he got to know while acting as his Boswell. “I put lipstick on a pig,” he said. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.” He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

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Fuck yeah Kaleigh Trace

In less than two hours this amazing woman – Kaleigh Trace – will be in Wolfville to host our first ever Queer Literature Open Mic night here at the shop (and our second Pride Week event). She also wrote a kick-ass book that we have on hand – you definitely need a signed copy of this one. Poets, musicians, songsters, slammers, thespians, all you creative and performative types, COME ON DOWN TO THE SHOP at 7pm to participate! All are welcome to drop by and watch the show. Support your #pride community!

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Indie bookshops turn a new page to fight off threat from Amazon

“Battered over recent years by cut-throat competition from Amazon and the supermarkets, and by a huge rise in ebook sales, indie bookstores have had it tough. Now they’re fighting back, boosted by a surge in printed book sales – particularly children’s books – and innovative approaches to getting people through the door.”

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Pride Week in Town of Wolfville = most fun week of all! So much colour, so much love. We are thrilled to participate by hosting TWO Pride events at the shop. Today we welcomed artist Sfé Monster, editor of “Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comic Anthology” and author of several books. NB: there are only a handful of these books left on the planet (until Sfé prints more) so get ’em while they’re hot hot hot! Up next, author and activist Kaleigh Trace hosts our inaugural Collective Queer Lit Open Mic Night on Tuesday, it’s going to be an amazing evening and you’re invited! #wolfvillepride #queerlit #loveislove

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CBC Books' 2016 writers to watch

Of course Sarah Mian is on this list; her book is one of the best I’ve read lately. Darkly hilarious, cuttingly incisive, “When the Saints” is a fully-realized story. “To Nova Scotia, you beautiful blue bastard,” says Mian in the acknowledgements, “I am proud to come from a place where everyone says thank you, thank you, thank you.” Thank you, Sarah, for telling it the way it is. Copies available in store right now, what the heck are you waiting for?? 🙂

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