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Books Beyond Bars

Books Beyond Bars is a local initiative that visits the women’s section of the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside twice monthly to improve access to books, writing, and literature for incarcerated women. They are currently seeking specific titles requested by the women. Click on the link below (and don’t forget to share!) to see if you can help them out!

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Just in! A very aesthetically pleasing, finely made, and fairly priced selection from Melville House Publishing and their “Art of the Novella” series. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

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Happy Pride Week from all of us here at the bookshop!

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'A Kind of Artistic Séance': The New Phase of Literary Collaborations

“The effects of working on a relatively uncommercial endeavor helped hone his craft: ‘[W]e never concerned ourselves with publishing the book. We knew we were writing an unmarketable work of DOA fiction…The process was purely about creation and expression. I’ve definitely taken this spirit of creation and expression into my novel writing.'”

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You never know who is going to walk into the bookshop. This glamorous jazz-singing midwife knocked our socks off with her rendition of Etta James on the shop piano. La vita è bella!

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The Suspicious Story Behind Harper Lee's 'Go Set a Watchman'

“Strictest of embargoes? Are we talking about a book here, or plutonium?” Now you can decide for yourself, because the literary event of the year is finally here! Those of you who wisely pre-ordered copies can pick them up at the shop tomorrow, July 14th, but we’re sure to sell out soon. Call early to reserve yours!

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At the Wolfville Farmers’ Market listening to a fascinating panel discussion of Atlantic Canadian publishers. There’s still time to join in, and at 4pm there will be a special children’s puppet theatre performance by Andy Jones and Darka Erdelji. Free of charge, for kids of all ages. See you there!

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We’re at the Acadia University Art Gallery tonight for the opening of the 9th annual Thomas Raddall Symposium, “Image, Word, Design: Exploring Picture Book Illustration in Atlantic Canada.” More about this soon, in the meantime visit the gallery’s Facebook page for more information about the event.

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Summer time, summer hours. Now open until 9:00pm, Tuesday through Friday. Drop in and visit if you’re downtown!

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Foyles Finds the Future With an App for In-store Searches

Would you use a free browser-based app that allows you to find books without having to ask anyone for help? Is this something that you think we should look into? It makes perfect sense for Foyle’s, with their eight floors and 200,000 titles, but would it work for us? We do appreciate the desire to have a quiet moment browsing on your own in the bookshop, so please, give us your feedback on this one!

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What's the Point of Handwriting?

“The web sometimes risks flattening our written expression into a visual uniformity at the least, and a cultural uniformity at the worst… But writing, particularly in the manner that it foregrounds the body—that it is a visual manifestation of the movement of an arm and a hand and a set of firing neurons—also then ends up foregrounding not just individuality, but the way in which being human is a movement forward, not just a moment in time.”

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Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’ May Have Been Found Earlier Than Thought

As July 14th nears, the mystery surrounding Harper Lee’s forgotten novel deepens.

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The Rewriting of David Foster Wallace

“Nobody owns David Foster Wallace anymore. In the seven years since his suicide, he’s slipped out of the hands of those who knew him, and those who read him in his lifetime, and into the cultural maelstrom, which has flattened him. He has become a character, an icon, and in some circles a saint.”

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Driving over the Avonport ridge and seeing the fields of the Annapolis Valley stretching out to Blomidon is a feeling that most of us around here know and cherish… because that’s when you know you’re home, right? Local watercolour artist Shelley Crowe ( has captured this moment and many more in her beautiful paintings. Postcards now available at the shop!

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Have an important thought? Need somewhere to write it down? Want to share it with someone special? You’re in luck – we just received a huge new selection of Peter Pauper journals and boxed cards.

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A Conversation about Guantanamo | Kenyon Review Online

“Denying prisoners access to literature is inhuman (…) To read is to live and vice versa.”

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Re-working Borges is a legitimate experiment, not a crime

“Last week the Argentine literary world was shaken by the news that Katchadjian has now been formally charged with the un-literary sounding crime of ‘intellectual property fraud’. If found guilty he risks spending up to six years in prison.”

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A Linguist Explains How We Write Sarcasm on the Internet

In the Recommended section in-store this week are books on reading and writing, which is a surprisingly juicy genre – especially for those of us who love reading and/or writing. Grammar and punctuation, particularly, inspire many pages of entertaining and enlightening debate, and so in the spirit of all things literary criticism-y, here is a fascinating and educational article on the history of sarcasm on the internet. “Sarcasm. It’s an Essential Part of a Healthy Breakfast™, but it’s also “dangerous”, especially in writing. What if ~no one~ gets that u are being sarcastic. this is literally the most srs bsns question ever.”

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