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Wolfville Authors for Indies to bring out 11 writers

Hats off to intrepid local reporter Wendy Elliott for this piece on our Authors for Indies Day happening tomorrow at the bookshop. It’s true, I’m totally excited to have eleven over-qualified shop assistants. Christy Ann Conlin is going to run the till, Michael Bawtree can alphabetize the fiction section, Chris Benjamin can take over our Twitter feed for the day… I’m planning to put my feet up and watch the authors work their magic. Coffee run, anyone? #AFI2016

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Canadian Authors for Indies Day grows, but keeps it small

“A book-world equivalent to the enormously successful Record Store Day, [Authors for Indies] has greatly expanded since its debut last year, indicating an idea whose time has arrived. Like the best ideas generally are, this one is simple: writers spend an hour or two in the store, being themselves. The accent is on human contact: these aren’t vernissages or readings, though in some cases they may be set up as such. Rather, they’re simply a chance to meet, chat and hang out with authors in a setting congenial to all. If you want to buy some books, all the better.” Join authors and guest booksellers Christy Ann Conlin, Dean Jobb, Michael Bawtree, Jan L. Mingo Coates, Carolyn Mallory, Chris Benjamin, Angus MacCaull, Annie Chau, Theresa Burris, Tom Ryan, and Wade White TOMORROW at the shop. This is a full day event, from 9am-5pm. See you there! #AFI2016

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Authors For Indies Cross-Canada Highlights | Quill And Quire

Stop the presses! We got an honourable mention in Quill & Quire’s Authors for Indies cross-Canada highlights! Don’t forget to drop by the shop this Saturday and get a chance to meet one of the twelve authors who will be joining us at different times during the day. Thanks to Dean Jobb, author of “Empire of Deception” – and one of our lovely #AFI2016 participants – for sending this article our way.

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The Box of Delights Bookshop's cover photo

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Reva Seth: Unsung Heroes of the Written Word

Four more sleeps until Authors for Indies 2016! “The magic of indies is that, despite challenges, every person working at every indie I’ve ever stepped into exudes love and respect for the enterprise of independent bookselling.” #afi2016

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Shakespeare's birthday: Where can you get close to the Bard? - BBC News

“When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” (King Lear) Happy bard-day Will! We’re very glad you came onto the stage.

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Ann Douglas: Bookselling is all about Relationships

We couldn’t agree more – and we love the relationships we get to have with the authors, fellow booksellers, and readers in this great little town! Stop by on April 30 and celebrate the independent booksellers of the nation with some of our favourite authors!

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Iles, Grisham, Eubanks, Reed, Smith, Stockett, Laymon, Tartt Among 95 Mississippi Writers...

“Mississippi authors have written through pain, and they have written out of disappointment, but they have also written from wonder, and pride, and a fierce desire to see the politics of this state live up to its citizens. It is deeply disturbing to so many of us to see the rhetoric of hate, thinly veiled, once more poison our political discourse. But Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi legislators who voted for this bill are not the sole voices of our state. There have always been people here battling injustice. That’s the version of Mississippi we believe in, and that’s the Mississippi we won’t stop fighting for.”

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Something's not quite right with this Newfoundland ferry sign

Because editing. Editors/Réviseurs Canada, Scribendi Proofreading and Editing

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Timeline Photos

Tonight at 5pm we launch Arthur Grebneff’s “Paris in Passing”, the inaugural photographic exhibition here at the bookshop. This will be a cozy, informal affair – a chance to talk to Arthur about his work and travel, and dream together about the City of Love and Lights. Hope to see you there! More info on the event page,

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'A place of joy': Wolfville's Arthur Grebneff shows his love for Paris

Coming up tomorrow! We are very pleased to announce the inaugural photographic exhibition to be held here at the bookshop. “Paris in Passing” will feature twenty-four photographs of Parisian street life by photographer and dear friend of the shop Arthur Grebneff. Please stop by tomorrow (April 7th) at 5pm to meet Arthur and celebrate the first-ever public display of his work. The exhibit will run until April 21st. Thanks to local star reporter Wendy Elliott for covering the story!

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Carnegie Library occupiers vow to remain 'until forced out' | The Bookseller

Further news from the fascinating world of library activism. Occupy!

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Jewelry Made From Vintage Books By Jeremy May

It’s my birthday in June. Just sayin’.

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BBC investigation finds 8,000 library jobs lost in six years | The Bookseller

Here’s a plan: cut funding for libraries, replace all the librarians with untrained volunteers, and, instead of books, provide a WiFi connection. What could possibly go wrong? But seriously, how about revoking the UK’s seat on the UN Security Council until they can get this library thing sorted out. Because according to UNESCO’s Public Library Manifesto: – The Public Library, the local gateway to knowledge, provides a basic condition for lifelong learning, independent decision-making and cultural development of the individual and social goups. – The following key missions which relate to information, literacy, education and culture should be at the core of public library services: creating and strengthening reading habits in children at an early age; supporting both individual and self conducted education as well as formal education at all levels; providing opportunities for personal creative development; stimulating the imagination and creativity of children and young people; promoting..

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Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

Another stunning example of a (very patient) artist giving old books a new kind of beautiful life. #bookarts #printculture

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From Page to Screen: Roxane Gay Headed to Hollywood!

From Page to Screen is LitHub’s weekly roundup of literature headed for Hollywood. This week in upcoming adaptations: Roxane Gay, Ian McEwan, Philip Roth, Daphne du Maurier, and more.

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Timeline Photos

We are closed today because it’s Good Friday, which is especially good because the plan is to read some good books and drink some good coffee and cook some good food, maybe go for a good long walk later on. See you tomorrow!

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Lawrence Hill wins second Canada Reads title with The Illegal

Lawrence Hill emerges victorious with his second Canada Reads win! Congratulations, Lawrence!

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The Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write

We don’t ask male artists to consider the consequences of their work, we don’t reframe them as fathers or boyfriends or sons… “What will your kid think?” and “Are you worried your son is going to hate you when he grows up?” and “Are you going to let him read it?” and “What’re you going to do when your kid Googles you?” are all questions that, even when offered lightheartedly and in a spirit of ostensible support, feel less like genuine questions and more like a chastening. “Remember, you’re a MOM” and “Remember, you have a mother” both mean “Remember, you’re a woman, and there are consequences.”

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Songs of innocence and experience in Us Conductors

Tonight at 7pm, Giller winner Sean Michaels will be the latest participant in the Authors@Acadia series. Catch him reading from his award-winning novel “Us Conductors” in the KCIC auditorium. In his review for the Globe and Mail, one of Broken Social Scene’s founding members Brendan Canning says this: “To come totally clean here, I forgot I wasn’t reading an autobiography and took in the story as if it were historical fact. Sold a theremin to Charlie Chaplin? Of course Chaplin would want one. Makes perfect sense. A scientist and and kung-fu master? Well, anyone so dedicated to one line of work could easily dedicate themselves to another honourable training. Michaels has a natural gift for bringing us to a time and place which allows the suspension of belief and lets you walk every step of the way with him.”

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