How Archival Fiction Upends Our View of History - The New Yorker

“A handful of recent works of fiction have taken up history on radically different terms. Rather than presenting a single, definitive story—an ostensibly objective chronicle of events—these books offer a past of competing perspectives, of multiple voices. They are not so much historical as archival: instead of giving us the imagined experience of an event, they offer the ambiguous traces that such events leave behind. These fictions do not focus on fact but on fact’s record, the media by which we have any historical knowledge at all. In so doing, such books call the reader’s attention to both the problems and the pleasures of history’s linguistic remains.”

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Can a font save your life?

The study found that, especially among men, a clearer, easier-to-read typeface meant on average they were spending half a second less getting information from the car’s dashboard. That may not sound like much, but at highway speeds, its significant. Half a second equates to 50 feet of travel, Lena says. “That could mean the difference between life and death.”

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Magda Szubanski may leave Australia if changes to book industry go ahead

Why, why, WHY are the cultural industries consistently left to the whims of the market instead of being protected by cultural policies? Art and money are such uncomfortable bedfellows. Discuss.

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Deep Hollow Print

I can’t keep up with Laura MacDonald these days. She just won an ECMA for her eye-catching gig poster designs, and now THIS! Hot off the Deep Hollow Print presses, an original linoblock carving of the Town of Wolfville’s Main Street. You can almost see the bookshop, a few doors past the Al Whittle Theatre. Laura dropped these fresh prints off on Sunday and we immediately sold out, but more are coming. Call to reserve one now!

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The Glossary of Happiness - The New Yorker

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An Octopus Painted With 95-Million-Year-Old Ink

Gives “selfie” a whole new meaning. #printculture #ink

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Alone in the Jungle | Hazlitt

“There can be a fine line between the artistic dictum to weave a chrysalis from tragedy and the low-hanging temptation to sympathetically other the ill-fated by endowing them with magical powers, and it’s become increasingly blurred.”

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The Box of Delights Bookshop's cover photo

A great shot by Bruce Dienes of Christy Ann Conlin’s “Memento” signing table during the launch on Thursday, May 5, 2016. The diorama is a scene from C-A’s first novel, “Heave”, and was made by her brother Dan Conlin, himself a noted author and photographer. It obviously runs in the family!

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Coates will launch new children’s book May 7

Join us TOMORROW from 11-1 to celebrate the launch of Jan L. Coates’ latest book for children, “Sky Pig”! This is a very family friendly event, with snacks and crafting kits provided for the little ones. No registration necessary, drop-ins welcome.

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The Box of Delights Bookshop's cover photo

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Photos from The Box of Delights Bookshop's post

Christy Ann Conlin, Author! Her name is bold on the marquee; inside awaits the promise of a soon-to-be-filled theatre. Romance! Drama! Bright lights! The countdown is on and “The Memento” will launch in mere hours. GET HERE EARLY to get a good seat! Many thanks to Random House of Canada for providing support for this event.

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Timeline Photos

This is Silas, guest bookseller extraordinaire. He was a huge help during our Authors for Indies event last Saturday. Today is another big day for Silas because his awesome and multitalented mom, Christy Ann Conlin, Author is launching her latest novel “The Memento” at the Al Whittle Theatre TONIGHT at 7pm. Come out and help celebrate with the whole family! This event is free and there will be snacks. *Photo reposted with permission from mom extraordinaire Christy Ann Conlin.

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Christy Ann Conlin’s The Memento ‘otherworldly’ | Toronto Star

We are two days away from launching Christy Ann Conlin’s latest novel “The Memento”. There will be creepy music and ghostly choirs, delicious food and warming drinks, a dramatic reading and special appearances by Ami McKay and Stephanie Domet. And it’s FREE! This Thursday, 7:00 – 8:30pm at the Al Whittle Theatre in the beautiful Town of Wolfville. See you there!

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Authors for Indies brings out 11 writers in Wolfville

Authors for Indies was a great success here in Wolfville this past weekend! Many thanks to all the authors/guest booksellers who came out to support the bookshop. Already looking forward to next year! #AFI2016

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The Box of Delights Bookshop's cover photo

THIS THURSDAY, MAY 5! Christy Ann Conlin launches her latest novel “The Memento” at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. There will be a choir, and food, and piles of books and music and fun and… and… and…!

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Wolfville Authors for Indies to bring out 11 writers

Hats off to intrepid local reporter Wendy Elliott for this piece on our Authors for Indies Day happening tomorrow at the bookshop. It’s true, I’m totally excited to have eleven over-qualified shop assistants. Christy Ann Conlin is going to run the till, Michael Bawtree can alphabetize the fiction section, Chris Benjamin can take over our Twitter feed for the day… I’m planning to put my feet up and watch the authors work their magic. Coffee run, anyone? #AFI2016

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Canadian Authors for Indies Day grows, but keeps it small

“A book-world equivalent to the enormously successful Record Store Day, [Authors for Indies] has greatly expanded since its debut last year, indicating an idea whose time has arrived. Like the best ideas generally are, this one is simple: writers spend an hour or two in the store, being themselves. The accent is on human contact: these aren’t vernissages or readings, though in some cases they may be set up as such. Rather, they’re simply a chance to meet, chat and hang out with authors in a setting congenial to all. If you want to buy some books, all the better.” Join authors and guest booksellers Christy Ann Conlin, Dean Jobb, Michael Bawtree, Jan L. Mingo Coates, Carolyn Mallory, Chris Benjamin, Angus MacCaull, Annie Chau, Theresa Burris, Tom Ryan, and Wade White TOMORROW at the shop. This is a full day event, from 9am-5pm. See you there! #AFI2016

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Authors For Indies Cross-Canada Highlights | Quill And Quire

Stop the presses! We got an honourable mention in Quill & Quire’s Authors for Indies cross-Canada highlights! Don’t forget to drop by the shop this Saturday and get a chance to meet one of the twelve authors who will be joining us at different times during the day. Thanks to Dean Jobb, author of “Empire of Deception” – and one of our lovely #AFI2016 participants – for sending this article our way.

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The Box of Delights Bookshop's cover photo

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Reva Seth: Unsung Heroes of the Written Word

Four more sleeps until Authors for Indies 2016! “The magic of indies is that, despite challenges, every person working at every indie I’ve ever stepped into exudes love and respect for the enterprise of independent bookselling.” #afi2016

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