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Beyond Anne Frank

“Within weeks of reading the handful of diaries borrowed from the library, I began asking myself a series of questions that drove most of my work over the next decade: Why hasn’t the public taken notice of these writers? Why is Anne Frank the only young person we know to have written a diary? Are these diaries like hers or different? Do common themes run through them? And most of all, could it be true that in the immense universe of Holocaust documentation, only seven or eight young writers’ diaries survived?”

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The Great Booksellers Fall Preview

“Because booksellers never lie about the books they love.”

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Librarians on Bikes Are Delivering Books and WiFi to Kids in “Book Deserts”

I’m really loving libraries this week. Check out this fantastic article highlighting creative ways that librarians and literacy supporters use “inventive solutions to expand access to books and promote a love of reading” because “nutritious foods aren’t the only thing kids need to thrive and grow.” See any ideas you like, Annapolis Valley Regional Library? How about you, Halifax Public Libraries? Let’s get excited and collaborate! :)

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Airbnb bookstore lets you run your own indie bookshop

“[T]he bookshop residency’s aim is to celebrate bookshops, encourage education in running independent bookshops and welcome people around the world to Scotland’s National Book Town.” I feel pretty strongly that Wolfville should be Canada’s National Book Town. We need about 20 more bookshops. Who’s with me? :)

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Painting by Kenton Nelson (title unknown).

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Library Journal

Libraries: use them or lose them! We love our Annapolis Valley Regional Library. #publiclibraries #literacy #publicgood #booksforall

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Two Women Were Walking Along The Shore When They Noticed Something So Awesome

“For me, the books are symbols for human knowledge and life… Every book a story, a small universe of time, space and thoughts between two book covers. To bury them like this could be like an excavation of humanity or like a tomb.” – Susanna Hesselberg on her installation piece “When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down”, part of the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Books | Connections | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“I think it’s going to be many years before there’s a formal portrait where the sitter is clutching his or her Kindle or iPad.”

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A History of Writing That Misunderstands How Our Relationship to Writing Has Changed

“Into the forests and dark waters of myth and memory intrude the letters, those subtle conductors, cobbling together colleges and choruses of thought.”

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A Library With Funky Geometric Shelves That Invite You To Climb Them -

Anagrama, a Monterrey-based marketing firm, totally nails it with this interactive library design for children that combines physical activity with literacy promotion.

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Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Two new studies examine the unexpectedly complex interactions that happen when you put a small child on your lap and open a picture book.

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Why Did the FBI Spy on James Baldwin?

“James Baldwin’s FBI file contains 1,884 pages of documents, collected from 1960 until the early 1970s. During that era of illegal surveillance of American writers, the FBI accumulated 276 pages on Richard Wright, 110 pages on Truman Capote, and just nine pages on Henry Miller. Baldwin’s file was closer in size to activists and radicals of the day — for example, it’s nearly half as thick as Malcolm X’s.”

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Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

The latest horrifying – yet unsurprising – report on Amazon’s business practices from the New York Times… “A former human resources executive said she was required to put a woman who had recently returned after undergoing serious surgery, and another who had just had a stillborn child, on performance improvement plans… The mother of the stillborn child soon left Amazon. ‘I had just experienced the most devastating event in my life,’ the woman recalled, only to be told her performance would be monitored ‘to make sure my focus stayed on my job.'”

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Toronto Public Library

We forgive you, Jackson.

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The World's Oldest Multicolored Printed Book Has Been Opened and Digitized for the First Time

“The 17th century book, Manual of Calligraphy and Painting (Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu), is so fragile that it was previously forbidden to be opened, its contents a total mystery before its recent digitization.”

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Scribendi Proofreading and Editing

Bwah ha ha

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Future Library, Katie Paterson

“A thousand trees have been planted in Nordmarka, a forest just outside Oslo, which will supply paper for a special anthology of books to be printed in one hundred years time. Between now and then, one writer every year will contribute a text, with the writings held in trust, unpublished, until 2114.”

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Lost & Found by Brooke Davis - BOOK TRAILER

TONIGHT, 6pm: Don’t miss your chance to meet Brooke Davis, author of Lost & Found, rising literary star, and dear friend of the bookshop! Come out and show this wonderful Australian woman a warm Wolfville welcome. She used to live here… maybe we can convince her to move back! :)

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The Box of Delights Bookshop

Thanks to Deep Hollow Print for the snazzy ad design!

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Brooke Davis on being Lost and Found in grief | Toronto Star

Get excited for Brooke Davis! This young Australian author’s debut novel is so good, it started a bidding war for the European publication rights. Oh, did we mention she used to work here? :) Can’t wait to see you again, Brooke! Tomorrow evening, 6pm-7pm. Seating is limited so show up early!

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