James Patterson calls off his fictional Murder of Stephen King

Author drama! Patterson vs. King, though it looks like Stephen is coming out on top. What were you thinking, James?

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We’re looking forward to hosting Rosi Robinson, author of “Creative Batik,” tonight from 7-8pm. Rosi will be demonstrating the art of batik, and will have materials available for anyone who wants to give it a try! No cost to attend, books will be available for sale for those who wish to buy one, but there is no purchase necessary to join in the fun. Come and learn about batik with us!

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Amazon Expands Its Reach on Campuses

“In the long run, competition from Amazon could turn the retail strips near campuses into ‘dead zones’ if stores can’t match the online store’s prices, Mr. Vaidhyanathan argues. ‘Amazon’s MO is to lose so much money by giving away so much at such low prices’ that no one else can compete. And if that happened, it could hurt the relationships between colleges and their surrounding communities, he adds.” Fascinating. Thoughts, Acadia University? (Thanks to Geoffrey Whitehall for pointing this article out to us.)

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Painting by Kenton Nelson (title unknown).

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Tonight, 7-8pm! We are very excited to help Wade Albert White launch “The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes,” a book that is already getting rave reviews from teachers, librarians, and readers from far and wide. Think Rick Riordan and Lemony Snicket mixed with Douglas Adams… seriously, this book is going to be a smash hit with readers of all ages, we’re 100% sure of that! Here’s your chance to say “I was there that night…” 🙂 Bring the whole family for a rollicking reading here at the shop! There will be snacks and music.

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Muggy weather getting you down? Don’t despair, come hang out with poet-bookseller Alice Burdick and novelist Darren Greer in the AIR-CONDITIONED bookshop tonight, 7-8pm, for an evening of poetry and prose. Free event!

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Today in bookshop news: Kazuo Ishiguro’s sixth form English teacher dropped in and literally told some tales out of school; also, we’re looking for a copy of “Anne of Green Gables” in Polish. Anyone? #neveradullmomentinabookshop

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25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites

Contronyms rock! (They animate me; they’re not immobile masses of stone.) Thanks to Laura MacDonald for sending this our way!

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Famous Novels Retitled Like Episodes of “Friends” - The New Yorker

“Anna Karenina”: “The One with the Train.”

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Rare Books for Sale, Excellent Condition - The New Yorker

“’Pride and Prejudice’ (Jane Austen), Egerton, London, 1872. third edition. This incredible artifact is almost as antique as Mrs. Bennet’s unmarried daughters Jane and Lizzy at the outset of the story. If you have money enough to purchase and house the book, it would be a burden lifted from the ailing gentleman currently presiding over this estate. Original leather spine is a display of great craftsmanship, no doubt the result of idle hours spent in the parlor in want of a suitor.” Shout-out to The Odd Book: Do you have any first editions of Pride and Prejudice? Hee hee.

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Bookseller Ben has been with us since just after Christmas, and now he and his partner Kaia are off to Montreal for school and work. It was Ben’s first time working in a bookshop (actually, it was Ben’s first job, period), and he surpassed all expectations of a first-time employee: quite apart from the day-to-day business of the bookshop, he also wrote lyrical bookshop-related articles for local arts and culture rag The Grapevine, founded a weekly open mic (Broken Mic), recommended obscure books from indie presses, travelled long distances to sell books at remote events, joined a Books Start Here panel discussion about the importance of regional publishing, created eye-catching displays, engaged our discerning customers in fascinating book-nerd conversations… and let’s not forget about cleaning up the basement. You were really good at that too. 🙂 We will miss you! Wolfville will miss you! And to all you fine booksellers in Montreal (I’m looking at you, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, The..

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Global publishing chiefs condemn closure of Turkish presses | The Bookseller

Disturbing news from the Turkish publishing industry this morning: “The PEN International Publishers Circle is deeply concerned at the news that 29 publishing houses have been ordered closed since the failed coup in Turkey on 15th July 2016. According to our colleagues at the Turkish Publishers Association, the closure of these publishing houses ‘carries the risk of human rights violations, the stifling of freedom of thought and expression and also irreparable financial and moral losses’. While recognising the right of the Turkish authorities to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the failed coup, PEN International Publishers Circle call on the Turkish authorities not to use the state of emergency to restrict lawful freedom of expression and to ensure that writers and publishers are able to freely carry out their activities.”

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A small taste of some of the participants that will be at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market tomorrow from 4-7pm for Book Arts at the Market! See our event for a full list of participants and more info 🙂

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Celebrate book arts at the market

Just two days until Book Arts at the Market! Join us Wednesday, August 10 from 4-7 pm at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market to learn more about how books are made, and how the community is involved. Participants such as Acadia University Library, Valley Youth Project, One Book Nova Scotia, Holly Carr, The Grapevine, and MANY more will be there! A full list of participants is available in the event posted below.

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Check the event listing for more details!

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